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Tel.: +420 602 327 626
E-mail: transport@aerotaxi.eu


Aerotaxi provides services of secondary patient air transport, repatriations and express transport of medical material (transplantation programmes) to any part of the Czech Republic or Europe.

We provide the above services for medical centres, health and commercial insurers as well as legal entities and private persons. The qualified crew usually consists of a medical doctor and a nurse, or an experienced air ambulance rescuer, who look after the patient or medical material for the duration of the flight.

We are ready to respond flexibly to medical flight recruitments at any time of day or night.
For patient transport, we use specially adapted fast MITSUBISHI MU-2B and BEECHCRAFT BE200 turboprop aircraft with pressurised cabin, fitted for these purposes with a fixation bed, portable resuscitation equipment, immobilisation accessories, medical drugs and other medical material according to the flight purpose and specific requirements. Transport using the above aeroplanes is quick and sufficiently comfortable for the patient as well as the accompanying crew.

From December 2007, we can offer air transport in a brand new BEECHCRAFT BE-350 SuperKingAir.