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Do you need to save time and money in your travels across Europe?

We can organise for you a passenger charter flight tailored to your needs, with departure and arrival at local airfields!

This quick and reliable way of travelling will make you independent of the times and destinations of regular airlines and save you considerable time otherwise wasted in departure lounges as well as during the flight itself…

Our fleet offers the comforts of the following aircraft


From December 2007, you can travel on a brand new aeroplane, the Beechcraft BE-350 Super-King Air. This high-performance aircraft offers supreme comfort in a cabin designed for eight passengers in VIP club configuration or eleven passengers in regular airline seating configuration.

The cruising speed of the aircraft is 600 kph, with a service ceiling of 11 km (33,000 feet). Flight range of the aeroplane is 3,000 km, allowing it to reach any destination in Europe and Northern Africa without refuelling.

Travel comfort is supported by an on-board mini-bar, satellite telephone and toilets.

For takeoffs and landings, our company regularly uses the following airfields: Carlsbad-Karlovy Vary, Pardubice, Brno-Turany, Prerov and Ostrava-Mosnov. In fair weather, takeoffs/landings are also possible at airfields Pilsen-Line, Ceske Budejovice-Hosin, Hradec Kralove, Mnichovo Hradiste, Most and several others.

All passengers are insured against personal accident, loss or damage to property in accordance with the valid Aviation Act. Other insurance riders are available upon request. Loyal customers are eligible for significant discounts. The aircraft meet all technical and legislative requirements of the Joint Airworthiness Regulations and international aviation law.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!